American found the corpse of her husband through the service Find My iPhone

A resident of Pacifica California found the body of her dead husband using the Find My iPhone app. This writes the British Dailymail.

After Friday night, 49-year-old Jaish, Patel did not return home, his wife sensed something was wrong and wrote a statement to the police. Without any information about the presence of your spouse by Saturday morning, the woman decided to use the app to search for the missing iPhone, which picked up a signal coming from the interchange at 92 highway.

Around noon, the wife found the body of Patel and immediately reported it to the emergency security services. The woman used the Apple to search for the missing devices.

According to the representative of the California highway patrol Arturo Montiel), the man died from injuries sustained in the accident on the road. For unknown reasons his Mercedes flew off the overpass at the junction and fell from a height of about ten meters. “Not yet determined whether drugs or alcohol the cause of the incident”, — he added.

According to Montel, the woman waited for rescuers at the scene of the accident. The vehicle was so badly damaged that the extraction of a body of men rescue services had to use hydraulic shears.

The accident occurred around 10 PM on Friday, December 16. The causes of the incident are being investigated.

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