American jailed for refusing to unlock your iPhone

Resident of Miami Christopher Wheeler, a suspect in the brutal treatment of a child ordered to submit to police access to the iPhone that is locked with a password, reports local resource Miami Herald. American refused, saying that lock phones password protected by the Fifth amendment of the Constitution, so users are not obliged by law to provide access to your gadget.

Wheeler will have six months to spend in prison if he did not agree to provide access to the contents confiscated his iPhone. The police suspect that he had stored photos, which contain scenes of violence against his child.

Police suspected the American of a crime. To get the evidence the police needed access to his iPhone. However, the smartphone is protected with a password, and the suspect refused to call him. Wheeler referred to the legal right not to testify against himself.

The police have no right to hack the device is locked, or require a suspect to unlock the gadget. The password is not a physical object and is protected by the Fifth amendment. However, the Miami court ruled that the protection of data by password does not fall under the Fifth amendment and ordered the defendant to give the police access to your smartphone.

According to the lawyer Wheeler, the authorities violate the Fifth amendment to the U.S. Constitution, according to which a person accused of committing a crime shall not be compelled to testify against himself. However, the judge ordered the suspect to remain in jail for six months if he did not agree to provide access to the contents of the iPhone.

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