An iPhone owner: I use Google Music. Here’s how to make me go to Apple Music

I — happy (relatively) user Google Music and are unlikely to switch to Apple Music in the foreseeable future. The Apple needs a few improvements that would make me use it.

The main reason why I don’t go to Apple music:

Apple Music cannot be run in the browser

10 years ago, music could only listen to with the help of a special program-player. With nostalgia I remember how my friends and I argue who is steeper skin for Winamp, or whose library is better.

To replace Winamp and JetAudio came YouTube and pirate music “Vkontakte”. Now users from Russia and CIS stay with legalizirovat VK’s music service, or Spotify master counterparts.

Personally at home I have two PC with Windows and one Mac, and none of them have special music player (not counting the pre-installed on Mac iTunes). Music from phone listen only while commuting, or doing sports. Whatever cool mobile app, I won’t go to the service for which you want to install additional software.

Integration with YouTube

I often find songs on YouTube that are then searching in Google Music. Here is an example of one of my latest finds, which will be estimated by fans of memes about “Harold, hiding the pain”:

As it turned out, the band Cloud 9 has a lot of cool songs that I would hear if I was too lazy to look for them yourself.

I would like the button “to open the album/playlist/artist with this song in the Apple Music”. And a no brainer that Apple would have to negotiate with Google, which owns the service competitor. However, in their arguments, I assume the benefits for yourself as a user and not individual companies.

By the way.
Google, what prevents you to integrate Google Music in YouTube?

A broader package of services

Apple Music is 170 rubles. If Apple offered a broader package of services, which is more expensive but offers more benefits, I would have thought about it (assuming that you can listen to music in the browser, of course).

For example, the new service would not cost 170, and 300 rubles, but it would get and audiobooks. I have no idea how things are going with the multi-language audio books, and don’t know who and where they buy. However, for access to Audible c library of books I’d give a lot. I think if Apple offered me 300 rubles access to music and audiobooks, I would subscribe without thinking twice.

What other packages can be sold along with Apple Music? Here, of course, depends on the technical capabilities and the desire of Apple to negotiate with other companies.

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