Analysts: Apple has no future ahead of 10 years of slow decline and stagnation

Two analytical company gave a pessimistic Outlook for Apple. Experts do not expect the announcement of a revolutionary product that will change the industry and will enable the company to improve its financial position.

Earlier this week, analysts at UBS said that Apple, in their opinion, there is no clear development strategy for the next 3-5 years, the company “only responds to new trends in the market.” Today, the company Oppenheimer published a similar forecast.

“We believe that Apple lacks the courage to lead the next generation of innovations (artificial intelligence, cloud services, instant messengers). Instead, the company will increasingly rely on the iPhone… We believe that Apple expects 10 years of slow fading. Risks for the company are great as ever,” ā€“ said in a research note.

Despite the magnitude of sales and profits, which would be the envy of any company, high level of capitalization and a decent financial reserves, in the formula of Apple’s success there is a hole that can ruin a company, analysts Oppenheimer. The company has no product other product besides the iPhone, which could become a locomotive for the coming years.

Controversial design decisions Apple in recent years

As noted by Business Insider, Oppenheimer pointed to the problem that previously affected other analysts.

“IPhone sales will peak in 2018. While Apple is not able to increase the value of your iPhone, iPad or Mac, and within the company itself there is no clear understanding of their role: in Cupertino, it seems, do not know that them is the key hardware, software or services”.

The predictions about Apple in Oppenheimer is not alone, similar statements previously made by UBS:

“The threat of recession in the long term there is ā€” like there is always risk in high-tech industry. At the moment we just don’t see what the product in the next few years could be key for Apple, is able to be the driving force for the company”.

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