Analysts: iPhone 7 might fail in sales because of the decision of Apple not to change the design of smartphones

The recent drop in iPhone shipments, which took place this year for the first time since the launch of the first smartphone, worried Wall Street investors. The head of analytical Agency Stuart Frankel Steve Grasso said that Apple is waiting for the deterioration, despite a temporary rise in the stock after the announcement of third quarter results. In his opinion, the iPhone 7 may disappoint consumers.

We are not talking about lower iPhone sales due to competitors. Just don’t be a surge of sales after the release of “sevens”, as it was with the release of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus with a larger screen. In other words, two years ago, there was an increased demand for larger devices that helped to grow sales of smartphones after the release. However, this does not happen after the release of the alleged iPhone 7, says Grasso.

Earlier Explorer Businessinsider’keeffe Leswing said that Apple takes big risks this year. iPhone 7 will receive some serious improvements on the hardware level, but will not be much different in design from models already present on the market.

Sources Deutsche Bank claim that Apple knows about the future difficulties and was not planning to make a “seven” in record numbers. This means that, at least, until next year, the company’s sales will decline. A new surge of sales to ensure all-glass iPhone in 2017.

According to research from the second quarter 2015 to second quarter 2016, Apple has lost share in web traffic in 18 of the 20 countries. Thus, in the U.S. the figure dropped 4%, German 6%, and in the UK — by as much as 10%.

The share of mobile traffic Samsung, according to Stuart Frankel, on the contrary, increased during this period. The 10% increase recorded in France, South Africa, Canada, UK and Australia. It is noteworthy that in one of the countries where the South Korean manufacturer has lost share in web traffic recorded growth in the rate Apple is Saudi Arabia.

According to the study, the 4-inch iPhone SE compact smartphones has retained popularity in Canada, France, Japan, UK and USA. In these countries the share of models with 4 inch screen constitute 20% of the market and above. Also increased the proliferation of smartphones with Quad HD resolution.

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