Analysts: Policy Tim cook will take the company

The current head of Apple – the figure is quite ambiguous. Having the reins in 2011, Tim cook began his career with General Director of reforms, the results of which are reaped today as investors from wall street to ordinary consumers. To say that he failed, as to sing in praise of the odes, definitely not. But the ubiquitous analysts with confidence Tim cook called the undoing of the Corporation.

During the recent conference with the participation of the leadership of Apple shareholders have repeatedly voiced the company’s intention to increase the level of capitalization. One of the possible ways to achieve this goal is to repurchase its own securities. However, in addition to merrymaking in the stock markets, in Cupertino are planning to further develop the product line and adding new models.

These actions with inept implementations may lead the company to the imminent loss of their positions in the consumer electronics market and attendant financial collapse. According to analysts, Apple absolutely should not waste their time with the range expansion, contrary to the requirements of consumers. But Tim cook, claim the experts, using the legacy of jobs, is not capable of something truly Grand.

“It is obvious that the company is on the verge, says Tripp Chaudhry, chief analyst of the Agency’s Global Equities Research. Further, the share buyback may turn out to Apple the catastrophic decline and unprecedented loss of their value. Cook just not in your right mind, if they are expecting positive changes from actions that, by definition, a failure. Something similar with the company has happened during the reign of John sculley, which, in spite of absolute incompetence in the promotion of products, was an excellent financier and extremely skillfully “evaporated” all cash”.

So who is right? I think the cook’s motives and the results of his work we learn not earlier than the next reporting conference.

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