Analysts raise forecasts for iPhone sales on rumors of the release of a new model in glass case

According to rumors in 2017 Apple will skip the iPhone 7s and will introduce the brand new iPhone 8. Sources say that producer from California is going to completely redefine smartphone design and produce a model in a glass case. At UBS believe that the iPhone in a completely new design will ensure the growth of sales of smartphones Apple.

Analysts increased the forecast of iPhone sales in 2017 from 207 million to 222 million, by 2018, 240 million to 264 million, Respectively, they expect growth of sales of Apple phones in the next year by 5%, and in 2018 — 19%.

Experts of the analytical group UBS are sure that the new design, Apple’s large customer base and a high level of loyalty to the brand means the inevitability of growth.

“The question is about growth of iPhone sales is not about whether there will be it, but when it happens,” noted UBS.

Analysts point out that more than 200 million iPhone owners haven’t upgraded it to models with 4.7 – and 5.5-inch screens. According to them, it may be one of the key growth factors.

Earlier it became known that Apple plans to revise the iPhone line, changing the form factor of the devices. Instead of the aluminum body smartphones will receive the all-glass shell. Apple used a similar design method to the iPhone 4: front and back panel of the gadget is glass, but the edge metal. In 2017, customers can expect a “completely new form factor with thinner frame around the screen and more comfortable grip”.

The smartphone Apple next generation, which will be announced next month is likely to keep similarity with the existing ones. Key change to “iPhone 7” will be the dual camera. Although it will not appear until 5.5-inch versions iPhone 7 Plus.

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