Analysts recognize the cost of the iPhone XS Max

Employees of the company TechInsights has disassembled the most popular smartphone Apple 2018 ā€” iPhone XS Max 256 GB and found that the Apple iPhone is the most profitable of all that she ever sold.

For an accurate assessment of the cost of production of the iPhone XS Max the company evaluated separately each component of the device. The total cost of the smartphone is equal to 443 USD, while the retail price is 1249 dollars. It turns out that Apple spends on the most popular iPhone of 2018, only 35% of the price for which you can buy.

Of course, the remaining 806 dollars is not a net profit. Part of the money goes to staff salaries, software development and other expenses. Nevertheless, Apple still gets a huge income. The company’s net profit for last quarter was 11.9 billion dollars.

TechInsights compared the cost of components iPhone XS Max and last year’s iPhone X. the New model is more expensive on 100 dollars, but its cost is higher than just by 47.56 USD.

Partly this was achieved due to the small difference in cost device screens. Despite the fact that the size of the iPhone screen XS Max better than the iPhone X, in the display is missing some components responsible for the 3D touch.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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