Analysts revealed new details about the iPhone XI

Journalists 9to5Mac, citing analysts have published new information about the iPhone 2019. The device can get a new triple camera, but support for 5G-networks in it until.

9to5Mac spoke with several experts who have analyzed the recent leaks related to iPhone 2019. Analysts made their forecast about what may be a new generation of smartphones from Apple. One of the main innovations is the updated Face ID that will work better and faster than the previous iPhone.

So, experts of Barclays sure iPhone, XI will receive a new technology to support W-Fi, similar to that which will be used in the updated Samsung Galaxy series. It will be called Wi-Fi 6, its application in the generation of the iPhone 2019 will be especially important against the background of wider implementation of Wi-Fi routers updated type. The sixth generation of Wi-Fi networks will provide faster Internet access and greater protection of users.

As for support 5G networks, according to analysts, expected it is not worth it. Most likely, it should be expected on the iPhone of 2020. This is indicated by other information previously published by some insiders.

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