Android devices become more expensive due to changes in Google policy

Google forced to start to charge the Android manufacturers for using the software that was previously included with the operating system for free. Perhaps this will affect the cost of the gadgets.

The new rules apply only to Europe, because the EU ruled that Google uses anti-competitive business practices. The company was also fined about $ 5 billion.

One of the reasons Android smartphones is successfully competing with the iPhone, is their relatively low cost. These devices are so cheap, thanks to the free Android operating system and all its attendant applications. This summer, the European Commission decided that such a strategy is anti-competitive.

The main conflict between the EU and Google is not Android OS, and the dominance of search traffic. Since phone manufacturers, which is inserted into the device access to Gmail, YouTube and other accompanying software, should also pre-installs Google Search and the Chrome browser.

In response to the EU’s decision, Google will offer manufacturers of mobile phones and tablets greater flexibility in choice, and will begin to charge for their apps. The OS itself Android will remain the platform open source.

“Device manufacturers will be able to license a set of applications for mobile Google apps separately from Google Search or the Chrome browser,” said a senior Google Vice President Hiroshi Lockheimer.

These changes affect only the countries of the European economic area (EEA). The rest of the world, the Google Search will still be available for all manufacturers bespltano.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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