Android N now officially called “Android Nougat”

On his home event earlier in the year, Google announced the latest version of its operating system – Android N, which is aimed at improving the experience of interacting with mobile devices. On Thursday, the search giant officially announced the name of the new OS. So, N Android now officially called Nougat. And no, it is not translated as “at random”, although it is possible that this is what Google and chose the name.

Nougat is nougat. Thus, sweet Android, new product, and next to the headquarters of Google — a new monument to the green robot. It is unclear what the sequence number has the new OS. It may be Android 6.1, 7.0 and Android. But we’ll find out later.

Among the main innovations Android Nougat developers call the increase in time of offline work, support for virtual reality, “instant application”, new multitasking capabilities. N Android was the first operating system version from Google that support multiwindow mode. Users will be able to display two different applications at the same time and set convenient size of the Windows. This feature appeared on the iPad last year.

One of the interesting features in the Android became silent update devices. This concept assumes that the system uses a single branch in the repository, and the second to install the update. Updates will be automatically downloaded to your device in the background. As soon as the user reboots the smartphone or tablet, he can use the new version of the OS, without the interruption of a process of interaction with the device.

In total, the update to Android N includes 250 new features and improvements, and Google promises to release it in late summer.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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