Android users mock Apple

Remember the app’s Move to iOS, which Apple released to ease the transition from Android to iPhone? The company from Cupertino decided not to stop there and last week posted its second Google Play app — Beats Pill+ to control speakers of the same brand name, which Apple purchased.

Beats Pill+ is a compact speaker that connects to devices using Bluetooth. It would seem that this may be the app to control this gadget? Like a useful thing — you can control playback, view the battery level, even to upgrade. Nevertheless, the average rating of apps in Google Play has barely exceeded two points.

While most of the reviews are accompanied by some comments and the main assessment or one point or five points. That is, one find the program helpful, while others (suddenly) no. Why did it happen?

Analysts believe that the users of Android devices just mocking Apple and deliberately understate the ratings of apps that are developed in Cupertino. The same thing happened in his time with the Move to iOS: this explosion of negativity the app store from Google is not seen for a long time.

Most likely, if Apple will release another app for Android, it will suffer the same fate. It is unclear why, but the audience is very negative Google Play is configured in relation to the “Apple” giant and not yet ready to accept him into their ranks.

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