Angela Ahrendts showed Apple Store of the future

Known for their secretive and often paranoid unwillingness to share the details with internal kitchen manual Apple took a very bold step by inviting a leading program ’60 minutes’ Charlie rose in the Holy of holies and design lab. Where is the controller and he himself does jony Ive.

According to information published by the CBS, the broadcast transmission will be released only on 20 December, however, rose has dared to share with your followers on Twitter a couple of unremarkable pictures. The images featured sir Jonathan, showing the journalist his fiefdom, and Angela Ahrendts, Baring the veil of secrecy concerning the appearance of the Apple Store of the new generation.

The most interesting for fans of “Apple” of the Corporation from around the world will definitely become the design of retail stores of the future, rumors about the development of people for a long time. However, nothing memorable and unexpected at the pictures. Anyway, see for yourself:

Correspondent Charlie rose is widely known in the United States not only because of its author but also by proximity to Apple. In particular, some time ago he had discussed with johnny Ivom prospects of cooperation with the charitable Foundation RED, as well as “unwound” Tim cook on a very Frank conversation about his personal life last.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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