Angry Birds Blast birds in a row

A few years ago, anybody did not cause questions, what is the most famous mobile game or series. To mind came clear associative array: feather, green color, glass and wooden beams, as well as this specific cry and the famous melody. All were surprised as to what a group of Finnish talent nor touch, all in gold: even in collaboration with Star Wars birds not only managed to stand next to a concrete brand, but also lightly cramping. And what we see now is new Angry Birds coming out quiet and peaceful, and the whole world is booming one expensive runner about Italian. Definitely a paradigm shift before our very eyes was born, flourished and died the king – but this does not mean that at court nothing is left. Of inertia are echoes, sometimes even relatively good. Like Angry Birds Blast.

The plot is classic: angry birds (you may need to put the copyright sign) was attacked by vile pigs (and here too), which was trapped in the colored balls – what color is the bird, and ball. To save the birds, of course, you have.

At first glance, Blast is a one hundred percent match-3, but with familiar characters. At first it kind of hurt. But things are not quite right. Yes, here too the balls neatly stacked in the glass: they need to otmachivat, blow up, spread color and so on. After the level the game considers points, and sometimes slip – UPS- the concept is similar. But of birds you do not move, and this is the fundamental difference from colleagues in related genre: everything is built on moving items.

Here the goal is different – to get to those pigs. They are surrounded by the usual beams, and your goal is to “explode” to break through the defense, and then finish off themselves pigs. Therefore, the strategy is somewhat different: if in the usual match-3 you need to rotate balls to to score points, the task is to destroy. For this Blast entered a few important bonuses: for example, after the “otmachivanija” five birds on the field there is a rocket, taking with him the entire series. Or a bomb – it breaks a decent amount of cells and if there are green usurpers: the penny is in trouble.

Of course, this is not Angry Birds heyday – about Blast you probably hear for the first time from this article; HYIP long passed and gone. But brand power is still running – was bright, funny and, most importantly, could carry on for a couple of hours the game. And more from shareware taymkiller, probably, and nothing to demand. Even if there are birds and pigs.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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