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Let’s admit to each other – card games at all tired. An avalanche, started up Hearthstone, first buried under a more or less everything, and then it began to attack the first victim: what is it, now the trend of such cards to share, how thirty years ago? But while alive fashion, and fashion works: its a card game made for many respected companies, including, for example, Bethesda and the authors of “the Witcher” – you really have to listen to the hardcore community. It is, in General, the problem with many of the CCT – too frivolous genre, often dark universes. However, we found that the format of a fun exchange of rectangles sitting on the proposed terms and conditions like a glove – this is the adult cartoon by FOX.

Some holiday – appears on the screen Peter Griffin and introduces to date: we have card battles join us. You pick the captain – represented by the characters of “Futurama”, “American dad” “Bob’s Burgers” and other popular cartoons. From the captain depends on the initial filling of the Board: if you take Brian, will fight Chris, Quagmire and heroine Mila kunis.

The battle is done as usual – players have a limited number of cards have the options of health and strength, who first gets to the captain, he won. Cards beat automatically, and reach out to the head only when it remains a force attack after attack on the card. Roughly speaking, if Frye hit with strength 6 on the Bob, has a health of 4, then the captain will lose two units of life.

Subtlety, however, the other cards can be combined, and this is absolutely incredible. In addition to the characters there are the usual card, symbolizing, for example, school, music or sports. These cards can also be thrown into the fight, but the combination of cartoon characters they make superior characters. Lois Griffin, made friends with the card in the “sports” turns into a Boxing Lois from the same series – and if you still do not smile with emotion, then, honestly, switch. However, not all combinations are available – some need to study in a special laboratory. This will not only enhance your cartoon team, but will also open up space for improvisation: for example, you can mix characters of “Futurama” with cards “Burger Bob”.

Is the game and other labouvie action. Of course, you can go to the store, where a virtual (or real) currency is allowed to buy a pack of cards. And, you can customize your deck – it’s not rubber, new rectangles can not climb.

Money is earned in two ways. Either you go adventure mode, step by step, giving the nuts the Pantheon of FOX, or fighting online. The second is tougher – the real enemy is always unpredictable computer but also pay more: after a string of victories you can buy a few “rare” packs.

The whole celebration is overshadowed by one fact – the only problem Animation Throwdown that without relevant knowledge there is nothing to do. If you haven’t seen Bender laid the bricks, and Peter gave his wife a horse, the game will be for you usual card stuff with cartoon characters and a good sense of humor.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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