Announced smart watch Casio WSD-F20: protected case, a month without charging, GPS module

If your regular watch that you feel are not functional, you should think about purchasing a “smart” model. The Japanese company Casio decided not to miss the chance of presenting at CES 2017 unique smart device Casio WSD-F20.


Casio WSD-F20 — not the first “smart” watch from a legendary manufacturer, but one of the first models, which is based on the Android Wear operating system. Visually, the model resembles WSD-F10 with a massive hull and aggressive design, but is equipped with a GPS module with support for MapBox maps.

Casio WSD-F20 boasts a custom solution in the form of the “double” display. The base here is a round LCD screen with a diameter of 1.32″ and a resolution of 320 × 300 pixels, over which is located an additional monochrome LCD display. In the case where the battery power is low, activating the black and white screen instead of color is able to extend the life of the device offline for another month. But a full charge when using the color screen will be enough for about a day or so.

All hardware component of the gadget is placed in the housing, which meets the ten requirements specified in the military standard US MIL-STD-810. In addition, the watch can withstand immersion to a depth of 50 m. Given the compliance with the paragraphs of MIL-STD-810, future owner Casio WSD-F20’t need to worry about their safety even when operating in extreme conditions — data “smart” watch has already been called one of the most durable of today’s models.

Without head mobile device to discover the potential of Casio WSD-F20, of course, will fail, so the synchronization of the chronometer with smartphones and tablets on iOS and Android. Smart watches running Android Wear 2.0 and already out of the box come with everything necessary for fans of unusual holiday software. For example, one of the pre-installed applications displays information about the current altitude, which you have raised, will inform about the atmospheric pressure, will provide information about the time of the tides, the sunrise and sunset and to schedule your activity in real time.

Selling Casio WSD-F20 will appear in April of this year in black, orange, red and green design. Price is not named, but most likely that it will be the same as its predecessor – $500.

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