Another fact from the life of Steve jobs, which you don’t know

Steve jobs was a man, to put it mildly, a rather peculiar and often very categorical in their judgments and actions. I think many of you know that the founder and inspirer of Apple until the end of his days preferred to wear uniform, while remaining faithful only to her for many years. Or if you could become widely adopted Steve’s reluctance to use automobile license plates? In short, interesting facts from the life of the idol of millions abound, but there is one that you definitely didn’t know.

If you believe the words of Arno Gourdol, one of the top managers of the company Adobe, personally familiar with Steve, at all times, jobs refused to have an inside pass, preferring to use someone else’s. Did Steve some discomfort? Perhaps, not he alone.

“Typically, when jobs was on campus, he was constantly accompanied by someone from the staff, notes Gurdal. — Why? Steve refused to issue their own badge to open the automatic doors into enclosed spaces. None of his acquaintances was not sure in the logic of his actions, but, apparently, such behavior, though looked a little eccentric, but carried a certain message. What? I don’t know”.

And here is what the Hatch Dormal, the journalist of the edition of Culf and the author of “the Apple revolution”:

“I have repeatedly heard this story from many of Apple’s employees. When I wrote my book, I interviewed one of the engineers, who told me that Steve simply and without further ADO slapped on the door that wanted to come in, and the accompanying person opened it. How it looked from the outside? I think it does not bother. I think he believed that the rules do not apply”.

What do you think?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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