Another new strap for Apple Watch appeared on the Apple website

Recently in the Apple online store for some regions it seemed for a time Apple Watch Sport with an exclusive dark red straps. They say that Apple will sell this model in honor of the Chinese New year. Prepared the company something else? Yes, cooked. Wait for the sale to the Milanese bracelet for the Apple Watch color Black Space.

At the end of January in the Czech Republic should start selling Apple Watch. Apparently, the website of the company is preparing for this event, and it was seen the Milanese bracelet for the Apple Watch colours Space Black, which is perfect for a steel version of Apple Watch are the same color. To buy this strap today and all information about him has disappeared from the Apple website, both from Czech online store, and with Portuguese and Hungarian, where she was also noticed.

Today we do not know which countries will be sold on a new strap and when they will start selling. Colleagues from 9to5Mac asked for responses to the PR service of the company Apple. Don’t count on the fact that the company somehow clarify the situation before the official start of sales. Wait, and maybe the company will be able to please us with something else.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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