Another way to protect your photos

I’m sure many have been in situations, when the iPhone was in the hands of third parties, and quite curious, which can slip from the owner to send yourself a personal image (for example, one of the messengers). Someone keeps on smartphone “spicy” photos, some didn’t, but no one wants to share personal information without your knowledge.

To avoid this, beforehand take all the necessary precautions before sending the unit to someone else. No, delete all pictures not necessary, there is a simpler solution.

Go to “Settings” — “General” — “Restrictions”. Here, in addition to the settings access the apps, there is a section “Photos”. Enter the administrator password, then check the box for the item “Prevent changes”.

All! No one will be able to send yourself or to share with someone your picture using the installed apps on iPhone, including to do this some new program.

Of course, viewing images this way will not save you, but 100% will keep them only on your device.

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