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Service center ModMac and AppleInsider.ru continue the project where we will regularly answer your questions related to the repair and maintenance of machinery Apple. We have collected the most interesting questions from our readers and in this video with pleasure answer them.

First I want to respond to regularly received questions related to the installation of more capacious battery. Unfortunately, the answer is sad: the current technology of batteries does not allow us to install in the inside of the device batteries with increased capacity and continue to depend on the size of the component. For this reason, there is no way to increase the battery capacity without increasing the body of the gadget.

I have the following problem: MacBook a1342, mid 2010. Stopped working Bluetooth, did a SMC reset, removed the file from the device settings (as written on most of the sites on this problem), still no information about the device has not appeared. In the system settings device information shows. Mac dismantled, checked, cleaned, all fine, no external damage, Wi-Fi works without problems. Tell me, what could be the problem? To change the Bluetooth module?

Most likely a problem with the module Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. The part with the Wi-Fi on the PCI-e bus, and some with BT works via USB because the problem is only with BT, solved by replacing the module.

Tried to expand memory on your MacBook Pro 2012 (md101). I removed the lid began to Unscrew the bolts that hold the CD-ROM, and tore one of them (if you look at commercial open top, then 2 bolts at the top right.) It now scrolls screwdriver. How to be in these situations? I read about it online. Someone said to drill (but somehow scary, and necessary equipment not on hand). Option two: a drop of glue in the head of the bolt, drop the screwdriver and sticking essentially a screwdriver to the bolt. But there is a risk that glue can get past?

This problem can be solved with the help of small pliers (nail) or pliers to pull the needle files it is possible to saw a groove for a flat head screwdriver, you can solder a piece of bent iron wire, etc., etc.

I have a MacBook Air 13′ mid 2013 (i7,8GB). There is a problem with the RAM. In the monitoring system occupies most of the process kernel_task(5gb). Is it possible to reduce the occupied process? Thank you for the video!

But the CPU is hammered at 100% constantly? Error kernel_task (clogged RAM memory, CPU 100%, even the mouse slows down) normally due to a faulty tire transmission of sensor readings. For example:

– sensor lighting, because of damaged ribbon cable camera and the light sensor;
– oxides from liquids on-chip temperature measurement;

iMac 21″ 2012 (slim), 1T HDD. Is it possible to additionally install the SSD and will then work Fusion Drive?

It is possible, but SSD for Fusion Drive iMac are slim, only the original Apple, cost from 20 000 to 30 000 for 128GB. On some models of motherboard SSD connector and harness is not installed and their installation costs around 5,000 rubles.

iPhone 5 started giving me sound only on the headphones and all speakers are working, but the sound of the music still goes only to the headphones, reset and restore via iTunes didn’t help. What to do?

As far as we understand the essence of the problem, if you pull out the earphone from the connector, the sound comes out the speaker and as if continues to play in the headphones. This problem can be caused by faulty lower Flex cable, circuit by circuit audio Jack.

Encourage you to leave comments to this article and to the video on YouTube your questions about what aspects of repair Apple gadgets you are interested in, and we are happy to answer them. For assistance in building materials thanks to friends from ModMac.

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