App SomaFM Radio Player cost 600 rubles for the first time is free

A unique application for listening to Internet radio SomaFM Radio Player for iOS for the first time became free. This is one of the largest American music radio stations the existence of which may be very surprised: there is no advertising, leading, news, politics – there is only music and nothing more.

In 1999, the founder of the service to Grow Hodge visited the then little-known Burning Man festival, the main philosophy is self-expression. At the festival he decides to organize a small pirate radio station. Having received many accolades and back of houses in San Francisco, he develops the idea of the radio station and establishes the first Internet broadcast. This stream is still going on, and the radio has acquired a large number of channels and has gained tremendous popularity among those who have heard at least once.

Today, SomaFM is the largest non-commercial radio station, which broadcasts music over the Internet. Stream of air for 16 years is out of the garage of the founder.

However, in 2002, SomaFM for a while ceased to exist as Roskomnadzor has enacted a law that allowed the American Association of recording companies to collect payments from the independent radio stations. To grow, supporting a radio station from your pocket and thanks to nemnogochislennye donations, was forced to stop broadcasting as extortion on the part of owners simply have obankrocheny it. However, thanks to army of fans, he was able to prolobbirovatj amendments to the law that has enabled small radio stations to continue broadcasting from the United States.

To date, 34 SomaFM broadcasts music channel. The most popular channels Drone Zone. This is music for meditation, calm and measured ambient.

However, not only easy electronic music is famous for SomaFM. Among the TV stations, you can find country, rock, metal, ethnic music, covers, and even hip-hop.

Normal price of the iOS version of SomaFM Radio Player is 600 rubles. For the first time, the application can be downloaded absolutely free. Available in a version for Mac.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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