App Store, you can expect serious changes

Apple is going to reduce the Commission for developers of applications that provide video content by subscription. According to Bloomberg, the decision will be made soon. What will this mean for the average user?

The decrease in the percentage of royalties Apple will be from 30% to 15 % ā€” so the company plans to encourage developers to develop applications with video content. Now 30% of revenue give the Corporation all the creators who make their products a paid version or in-app purchases.

It is expected that the fee reduction will have a positive impact on the cost of subscription for users, which should also become less. Analysts believe that in the future Apple may install the collection of 15% for all developers, to provide services at a lower price. In other words, the cost of apps and in-app purchases will be reduced ā€” however, all depends on the integrity of the developers.

Now some of the applications for subscription bypass the Commission Apple: they give to purchase a subscription on the website (without deductions of the company), and to use the app with a paid account already on your mobile device.

In Russia application services video subscription is not much, but they are the same “Amediateka” or “”.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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