Appeared on YouTube free movies

YouTube began free movies ad. At the initial stage the selection of paintings is small, but there are several popular movies, including “Terminator”, “Blondinka in law” and “rocky”.

So far, the films are only shown in the US. They are standard on the tab “Movies”, where you can also buy and rent movies. During playback the free movies at regular intervals of time the ad is displayed.

Director of product management at YouTube Rohit Dhawan said that the company saw an additional opportunity for consumers and advertisers. He also added that advertisers will be able to advertise the movies and to organize exclusive shows. At the moment, YouTube has about 100 movies, but this list will grow.

The website AdAge notes that movies is can increase the audience of YouTube, and to expand the advertising network. Due to the fact that the service is available on almost all platforms, including Smart TV, YouTube, it will be easier to make than competitors.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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