Apperwall – assess applications and earn

Earnings on the Internet – about the same a byword, like, say, network marketing or pyramid schemes. But there is in this segment and its wholly-earning options that do not require any qualifications – it is sufficient to have a relatively modern phone on iOS or Android. However, hardly this way you will earn millions, but pocket money to start. We are talking about payment for the installation of applications and writing reviews in App Store and Google Play.

Apperwall – assess applications and earn

How does it work ?

Everything is very simple. You are logged on come in and scrutinize. You are offered to install apps and to rate them for the money. The remuneration varies from ten to fifty rubles, an average of 24 rubles.

As in any other job, the more you appreciate Apperwall applications, the more you earn; you can not particularly straining, to earn several thousand per month. This is, again, not mountains of gold, but good help for the student or the student’s Junior courses: you can pay for mobile communication, Internet and two big Mac. The more you do not have to spend more than 5 minutes a day. The second advantage of such earnings – you will see a lot of cool applications that may in a different situation you would have paid. Well, here you pay.

How to earn more?

If you want to earn more, use the referral system – bring your friends. Each payment to the user, which you brought up in Apperwall, will settle in your pocket – 10% from the transaction. Don’t worry, your friend is not affected in any way – he’ll get his money, and you your. Thus, by doing nothing, you can earn a lot of money – the main thing is to persuade hard-working friends to register for the service.

Apperwall – assess applications and earn

Why for installing and writing reviews pay?

You’re probably wondering why the authors Apperwall get paid at all – and isn’t there some kind of trick. There’s no catch, everything is arranged very simply. There are application developers who want to expand user base and get feedback about their apps. Then developers go to Apperwall and pay for the service – let their app downloads and rated by users. Accordingly, Apperwall appeals to you, as a conscientious artist, and pays for your efforts. Yes, an important clarification is in Apperwall you do not have to pay. The money you will only get but not give.

Such applications are many. How is that better?

However, this functionality, there are many services offering to earn. But Apperwall stands out among the competitors advantages. First, the average reward is 4 times higher – 25 rubles for the job. Secondly, the application has your bot in the “telegram”, which had promptly reported jobs. It is very convenient: no need to constantly monitor the program for new works, everything will tell the bot and submit the notification directly to your phone.

Please note that right now in the official community Apperwall in “VK”, a competition – the prize Fund is three thousand rubles. You just need to join the group and repost – if you’re lucky, your pocket will increase by 500 rubles.

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