Apple acknowledged the problem with periodic freezes MacBook Pro and told how to solve it

Apple has acknowledged that some MacBook Pro owners are faced with a software error that causes the system to hang laptops. The relevant information is published on the Apple support website.

As mentioned earlier MacDigger, the owners of laptops MacBook Pro in droves complaining about the problems in the operating system OS X Yosemite. According to reports on online forums, talking about random lockups portable computers.

The problem is for the owners of the 13 – inch and 15-inch MacBook Pro models. How to tell the laptop users, the computer may suddenly freeze up, and return it to a working state can only force restart. Discussion this issue has 21 pages.

MacBook crash in Safari, or Adobe Photoshop. Sometimes the screen freezes or the mouse cursor, in some cases, Force Touch will not respond to clicking. How widespread a problem it is impossible to tell, but on the official forum you can find dozens of discussions on this crash.

According to the document on the Apple support website, if your MacBook Pro no longer respond to actions the user should make sure you install the latest versions of the operating system and third-party software. In particular, you need to update OS X via the Mac App Store. When using the Adobe Flash Player plugin needs to be updated and it.

The users themselves problematic laptops offer as a solution to disable WebGL. This method has helped many owners of MacBook Pro.

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