Apple added in iOS 11 native support for the FLAC format

Apple in the next version of the iOS operating system 11 introduced a great new for lovers of quality sound. iPhone and iPad for the first time received native support for audio format FLAC. This means that iOS users 11 have the ability to reproduce high-quality sound files without using additional software.

The audio files are in lossless FLAC format can be synced across iPhone and iPad via iCloud, I find the users of the forum Reddit. Access can be obtained via the new app “Files”. So the tracks in high quality is reproduced within the program.

This is the first appearance of native support for FLAC on Apple devices. In the past Apple completely ignored the support for this format into their operating system and iTunes, but users had to look for third-party media players to playback FLAC files. The company has offered iPhone and iPad users to use their own ALAC format. It, unlike FLAC, it supports iTunes.

Of course, there is nothing difficult to convert music from one format to another without quality loss. But FLAC is a much more common format, so this decision Apple needs to evaluate many lovers of quality sound.

FLAC only works in the Files app in iOS 11, but not in the standard player. Otherwise, Apple would have to spend much more a major revision of iTunes.

However, if this functionality does not appear in the Apple Music in the future, at least audiophiles can easily listen to your music collection in FLAC format on iOS 11.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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