Apple admitted that iOS 10 does not actually remove the standard apps

During the presentation of iOS 10, held June 13 in San Francisco, Apple talked about many of the features of the platform, however, did not mention one important innovation, which had long dreamed of many users. We are talking about the possibility of removing from the system a number of system programs.

The description of this feature of iOS 10 it was later published on the Apple website. According to the document, the owners of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch who have installed iOS 10, can remove from the system 18 preset services, including Calculator, Calendar, Compass, Contacts, FaceTime, Find My Friends, Home, iCloud Drive, iTunes Store, Mail, Maps, Music, Notes, Weather and many others. If necessary you can re-download from the App Store.

In fact, uninstalling apps in iOS 10 not so simple as it may seem. In the podcast “The Talk Show” Craig Federighi, senior Vice President of Apple software, admitted that in fact the so-called delete system apps on iPhone and iPad OS does not remove code from the operating system. The source code and is part of iOS.

Applications continue to reside on the mobile device part of the signed package by which Apple checks their authenticity, said Federighi. A “re-load” apps from the App Store, does not lead to the download of the program. Instead, in fact, the home screen returns the label for application.

In other words, Apple is not allowed to get rid of proprietary software, but only to hide it from the home screen. That is why deleting the Contacts would not mean the removal of a user’s contacts (they will be available in the phone app) and delete the Music app from your smartphone does not make it inaccessible in the car.

Apple has seeded the first beta of iOS 10 for developers. According to the company, the public build of the new OS will appear in July, and the final release of the platform is scheduled for September. Support iOS 10 will receive all smartphones Apple, starting with iPhone 5, all versions of the iPad Air and iPad Pro. Also the “ten” will be able to set the owners of the fourth generation iPad and the iPad mini 2 and newer.

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