Apple again replace the batteries in the older models of MacBook Pro

Apple has launched a replacement program for the battery in Macbook Pro with Retina display mid 2012 – early 2013 release, reported by Cultofmac.

Earlier cupertinos had to replace the battery absolutely free because customers had to wait long until the battery will go to the service center.

But today the company has adequate supply of batteries for the Macbook Pro that is older than 5 years. Now when there is no need to wait for parts, Apple produces a replacement for $ 199.

The replacement process is complicated by the fact that the battery of the MacBook Pro is soldered to the body. There is a set of components that includes a keyboard, trackpad, speaker grilles. The only way to change one part is to get them all. Apple is not so easy to replace just the battery, it is necessary to change a significant part of the entire device.

A common disadvantage of any laptop after regular use is that its lithium-ion battery loses its ability to charge.

To find out whether you require a replacement battery, click the Apple logo in the menu bar of the computer. Select “About this Mac” then “system Report”. Now click on “power options” and find the section “Information about the degree of health”. Here you can see information about the recharge cycles, and most importantly whether the battery needs to be replaced. If the service Status says “Needs service”, as soon as possible to contact the authorised service centre.

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