Apple again sued due to the slowdown in older iPhone models

Apple filed another class action lawsuit. The reason is all the same – slow down the old iPhone models with worn and damaged batteries.

A Keaton Harvey believes that Apple has slowed the old smartphones, not to repair them. The plaintiff said that his iPhone 6 often suddenly shut down, even if the gadget is charged to 50% and more. The device is then slowed down, forcing him to buy a new smartphone worth more than a thousand dollars.

Lawyer Harvey added that in November 2016, Apple has launched a limited programme of replacement of defective batteries in the iPhone 6s, which is why they constantly switched off. Then the representatives of the Corporation stated that the problem concerns only a small number of devices and just iPhone 6s. In fact, it turned out to be wrong, and from unexpected shutdowns also suffered from users of the sixth generation of smartphones.

Harvey accused Apple in dezinformatsii their customers. In his opinion, the company has restricted the speed of all the iPhone not to replace the batteries.

“To hide the fact that smartphones corporations have problems with batteries, and also save time and money on repairs, Apple decided to just reduce their performance,” – says the statement of the plaintiff.

Keaton requires Apple to notify all owners of the iPhone about the changes to iOS for the slowing down of your system. Fixed software to smartphones again worked quickly. Had to pay damages to anyone who bought a device with a defective battery. As well as provided all affected new batteries free service.

Earlier Apple has filed two lawsuits. First the next day, after surrounding the battery was a scandal. Second, a few hours after the first. Both are related to the fact that the company had slowed down the speed of the iPhone in an attempt to avoid unexpected shutdowns of the smartphone under a high load.

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