Apple against violence, profanity and explicit scenes in their TV series

Apple is interested in creating television that reflects its brand, while avoiding the forbidden themes and adult content, characteristic for famous TV series such as “Game of thrones”.

According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is planning to create high-quality content featuring celebrities in which there is no “adult scenes, profanity and violence”.

The report also noted that Tim cook has recently cancelled the project “Vital signs”, poluboginey drama about the life of Dr. Dre, because the series was too violent and behind the scenes about drugs.

The problem that Apple might face is the fact that many modern TV shows contain adult content (for example, “house of cards” from Netflix, or “breaking bad” from Sony), and viewers may be put off by this format of the TV show company.

The publisher of the Wall Street Journal referred to the fact that the Executive producer of the drama “Amazing stories”, featuring Reese Witherspoon and Jennifer aniston, was dismissed because of “black” humor in the script. The report States that Apple ordered more “upbeat show”.

Perhaps the company from Cupertino were planning to start production of the first television shows this year, but due to limitations in content postponed the release in March 2019.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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