Apple agreed to supply OLED displays for a new iPhone with Foxconn and Sharp

We are not the first time we hear that Apple is considering the possibility of transferring iPhone to the displays of the LEDs based on organic materials. Still to prevent this could basically something that in significant volumes of OLED screens produces only one company ā€” Samsung. Recently volumes of production of small OLED screens began to increase LG. Two other key supplier of LCD screens for iPhone ā€” the Japanese company Sharp and Japan Display ā€” the OLED is not produced. So for Apple with its smartphones needed diversification of supply. It is not, the smartphones under this brand will be equipped with screens on liquid crystals.

This year the company Sharp actually came under the management of Foxconn Technology Group and gained access to abundant funding. The strategy of entering new markets, Foxconn management has planned massive investment in the development of OLED production at existing plants Sharp. Citing its own informants, the source claims that a contract manufacturer of electronics and they controlled the Japanese company successfully reached an agreement with Apple for the supply of OLED panels for iPhone.

Partners invest in the project about $1.92 billion Pilot line will be built in Japan, but the main production is located in China. The reason for this decision called the hope for tax breaks from the Chinese government.

The plans for the release of OLED panels, hatched in tandem, are associated with attributed to Apple’s intention to use panels of this type in the iPhone. Now the “Apple” smartphones are equipped with LCD panels. Besides Apple, the buyers of the products Foxconn-Sharp can be the Chinese producers that, after the leader in this area, the South Korean company Samsung have already started to use OLED panels in its smartphones.

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Clifton Nichols

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