Apple and the environment: how the company cares about the nature of the example just presented devices

Today, October 30, long-awaited presentation of Apple, which was the updated MacBook Air and Mac mini, and presents new frameless iPad Pro.

As usual, in addition to the specifications and design of products, special attention was paid to the impact on the environment. So, for example, in the buildings of all new products use 100% recycled aluminum. The devices do not contain mercury and arsenic in the displays as well as PVC and beryllium, making them the most “green” gadgets Corporation. Therefore, buying Apple products, you also show concern to the environment.

Senior Vice President for retail and online trade Angela Arends, addressed a speech about “Today in the Apple”. She spoke about the ongoing workshops and special courses, as well as the opening of new stores that the company uses renewable sources of energy that do not cause severe damage to the environment.

It is worth noting that the company pays constant attention to environmental issues and global warming and tries to release products, which subsequently can be fully recycled.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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