Apple and Verizon are blaming each other for the problems activation iPhone XS and XS Max

Many iPhone XS iPhone XS Max can not activate the mobile device purchased from Verizon Wireless within a few days. Apple and Verizon are blaming each other.

2 days after the start of sales of iPhone XS iPhone XS Max, Verizon customers can start using the devices because of problems with the verification of their payment information. Data necessary for activation is tied to the operators of the devices.

The portal contacted by several readers who said that the iPhone could not be activated because “Apple can’t verify the billing data and the PIN code Verizon”.

One Reddit user suggested that the activation error associated with the process that receives the data from the old address tied to Apple ID, instead of the current billing address Verizon. Perhaps the main reason for failure is a mismatch of data between the two companies.

The problem with the activation of Verizon customers ā€“ this is one of several events, which slightly overshadowed by the launch of new iPhone models from Apple.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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