Apple announced the new Apple TV tvOS

Within 2016 WWDC Apple introduced a new version of the operating system tvOS. She has got a extended set of features, streams, live TV and many other innovations.

In addition, Apple released new Apple TV Remote to control television set-top box with iOS. Given that the cost of remote for Apple TV is more than 7 thousand rubles, the free program will be a real boon.

Improved integration of Siri and Apple TV. Siri changed the way of communication with the TV because now you can tell her that you want to see: for example, “find me a Soviet Comedy of the 80s”. Voice assistant will be able to search YouTube on Apple TV there was a powerful Live Tune-In, which is also available on the iPad. Well, dark theme added!

New tvOS version available to developers today. Public release will be free and will take place in autumn.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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