Apple became the leader in sales of smartphones in Russia

Smartphone sales in Russia in January-may 2016 rose 7%, to 9.1 million units. The market leader in revenue was the company Apple, the report indicates, one of the largest cellular retailers in Russia “the Euronetwork”. The Cupertino-based company during the period under review increased its smartphone sales by 83%.

According to the “Euroset” in monetary terms, sales of smart phones increased by 35% to 112 billion rubles. The average purchase price grew by almost a quarter and amounted to 12 300 rubles. A year ago in value terms the market grew by only 6%, and the average price by 13%. “This confirms the conclusions about the impact on the market in 2016 campaign to reduce prices, supported by the retailers at the beginning of April,” according to the study. Retailers have reduced prices on smartphones for 3-45%, much cheaper premium segment.

In April 2016 the sales of devices in the price range of 20-30 thousand rubles has tripled, to 3.9 billion rubles (165 000 smartphones). Smartphone sales more than 30, 000 rubles increased almost two times and amounted to 6.7 billion rubles (141 000 devices).

The leader of sales in monetary terms is Apple. She took first place with a share of 33%, with Samsung in second place and 25% market share, Lenovo occupies 7% of the market, says the report of “Euroset”. The number of smartphones sold in the January-may in the first place is Samsung with a share of 21%, the second place is Apple with a share of 11%, closes the top three Lenovo (9%).

According to the retailer, the Apple comes in the top three largest revenue growth in 5 months of 2016. In the first place ZTЕ the company, which increased sales by 2.8 times, up to 3 billion rubles. Sales to LG grew by 2.25% and amounted to 5 billion rubles. The iPhone maker during the period under review increased its smartphone sales by 83%, to 37 billion rubles. Lenovo was in fourth place with 19% and 8 billion rubles. The top five Samsung, revenues of which grew by 29%, to 28 billion rubles.

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