Apple began poaching engineers from Qualcomm to work on own modem

According to a new Bloomberg article, prepared by mark Gurman and John king, Apple is actively hiring engineers in San Diego ā€” the city is the headquarters of Qualcomm.

Apple is looking for engineers who will develop modems for the iPhone. At the time of the publication Bloomberg, Apple has posted the 10 jobs that are associated with the development of a modem.

Previously, Apple used a Qualcomm modem, but after the beginning of the trial, refused them. The company decided to install in iPhone modems Intel. However, in the future Apple wants to use their own development.

Creating your own components is nothing new for Apple. The company produces chips for Apple Watch and AirPods. In addition we should not forget about the flagship chip A-series, which are installed in iPhone and iPad. Own modem will allow Apple to become more independent from other companies.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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