Apple begins sales of wireless speaker systems the Sonos online store and retail network of the company

Apple in partnership with Sonos wireless starts selling speaker systems manufacturer in the online store and retail outlets of the company. The range of the California giant will join two popular models ā€“ the PLAY:1 and PLAY:5.

Sonos specializiruetsya in the production of acoustic systems High-End-class. The company calls their devices “smart” speakers, designed for the “modern universe of streaming music”. They can be connected directly to the router in order to listen to sound recordings located on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, and listen to broadcast Apple Music, podcasts, and other sources.

Play:1 ā€“ compact model, equipped with one mid-woofer and tweeter. As stated by Sonos, the use of two high-quality emitters allowed us to obtain deep, rich and surprisingly big sound”, and applied by the developers of the sound processing technology allowed to reduce distortion even at maximum volume.

PLAY:5, in turn, is equipped with six speakers, including three shirokopolosnykh and three high frequency. The model boasts stylish design and the replacement of traditional physical control buttons the touch. As noted in the company, the main task of speaker systems Sonos is to provide users high-quality playback of content from any music service in any room.

Sonos speakers can be combined with other components of the manufacturer, for example, two Play:1’s” form a stereo pair, and the combination of the four “Play:1” with the center speaker and the Sub low-frequency emitter-to generate a three-dimensional sound picture 5.1. Two speakers PLAY:5 can be combined into one stereo.

PLAY:1 and PLAY:5 will appear in the online Apple store tonight, retail stores of the company acoustics will be available from 5 October.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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