Apple broke a couple of hundred bulbs in the new ad for the MacBook Pro with Touch panel Bar [video]

Apple has released the first promotional video for the new MacBook Pro with touch panel Touch Bar. The video titled “Bulbs” placed on the official channel in YouTube.

A video lasting a minute and a half under the energetic Overture to the Opera “William tell” describes the history of human invention of fire, agriculture, woodworking, transport, car, train, camera, television, robots, space ships. Completed a series of discoveries in the creation of MacBook Pro that the video is “a tool for new ideas.”

“Ideas move the world forward. We present you the tool for your new ideas. New MacBook Pro,” reads the video description.

In those few seconds, when at the end of the video shows a MacBook Pro, shows touch bar Touch Bar that took the place of the top number keys on the keyboard.

MacBook Pro, announced at the presentation in October presented with a screen diagonal of 13 and 15 inches and is equipped with four USB ports-C (one used for charging) and headphone Jack. Removing the physical buttons above the keyboard, Apple has given laptops by the input tool is able to display different information and provide different controls depending on the application

Are the new MacBook Pro with Touch Bar 144 990 rubles (13-inch screen) and 189 990 rubles (15 inch screen). Order novelty now, deliveries will begin in 2-3 weeks. On sale from 27 October, it was a simplified version of the new MacBook Pro, with physical keys instead of Touch Bar. It costs 119 990 rubles.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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