Apple can bring to justice in Russia for the promotion of homosexuality through emoticons

Lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov, demanding to bring Apple to justice for the promotion of homosexuality among children, filed the corresponding application to the Moscow police for CAO. About it reports the edition Newsler.

Last year, the Kirov lawyer Yaroslav Mikhaylov filed a complaint to the General Prosecutor’s office of Russia and the Commissioner for human rights on the violation by Apple of the legislation prohibiting propaganda of same-sex relationships. In his opinion, gay emoticons violate the Constitution of the Russian Federation and norms of the Federal law “On protection of children from information harmful to their health and development” and the Federal law “On basic guarantees of children’s rights in the Russian Federation”. On inspection of the police instituted criminal proceedings on administrative offense.

Expert Roskomnadzor is not found in the emoticons propaganda of non-traditional sexual orientation. However, recent examination conducted by the initiative of the police, showed that “Gay smileys on Apple can push children to same-sex relationships”.

Now Yaroslav A., “fully agree with the expert”, filed in the Moscow police for CAO with a request to initiate an administrative case on the fact of propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations among minors at Apple inc. and eppl Rus (article 6.21 Co AP RF).

“Currently, iOS 8.3 has been updated to version iOS 9.3.5, in which “Messenger” are the same emoticons (Emoji) that promotes unconventional sexual relations among minors,” writes the lawyer.

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