Apple can make the iPhone hacking impossible

What he thinks about the conflict between Apple and the FBI Tim cook, until now was known only from his open letter to intelligence agencies. But the head of the “Apple” giant decided to go ahead and gave an interview to TV channel ABC News, where mostly talked about the requirements of the FBI and its relation to what is happening.

According to cook, to obtain the information needed by the FBI, is only possible using special software — creating a backdoor. The consequences of the presence of such BY Tim equates to cancer, but not only for Apple but for all users in the world, not only iPhone and iPad.

Apple CEO not sure that the security services will stop there if the company is obliges to create a backdoor.

What’s next? Will be asked to build software to spy on users? Will require to enable them to secretly activate the camera? I shudder to think where the boundaries of reason. But it is not something that should happen in our country.

As said Tim cook, Apple in no case did not hinder the FBI investigation on the case of San Bernardino. On the contrary, the company transferred all of the information about the smartphone of one of the shooters. But the creation of a backdoor, in his opinion, unacceptable. To the extent that cook will discuss the matter personally with President Barack Obama.

In addition, although Apple officially is not confirmed, the company can work on additional protection for the iPhone and iPad from breaking. On relevant developments became known to The New York Times. According to the publication, the new protection level will make hacking impossible even iPhone by creating a backdoor.

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