Apple cares about the environment when creating packaging iPhone

Apple has shared a new document “Paper and packaging”, which outlines the steps taken by the company to make more efficient use of paper.

To protect the environment in the future Apple divides its efforts on several priority steps:

  • Reducing our impact on climate change through the use of renewable energy and energy efficiency in products.
  • Save valuable resources by efficient use of materials and recycling products at the end of their life cycle.
  • The development and use of safer materials.

The graph illustrates the company’s efforts to conserve natural resources by changing the packaging technology of the iPhone.

Packing iPhone 6s included two plastic trays holding the device and accessories separately, and in iPhone 7, the company came up with a new box design, which combines both offices. The rejection of the second tray significantly reduced the amount of materials used.

For iPhone 8 the company has developed a more environmentally friendly alternative packaging that protects the charger. The document reveals the steps necessary for success. A similar result can be achieved working with a supplier to change its manufacturing process.

Apple hopes that its program will help other companies to take responsibility for the impact on the environment, and are willing to cooperate.

Details of the document can be found here.

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