Apple CEO said that the government should regulate privacy

In a recent interview with Axios Apple CEO Tim cook upheld the state regulation on confidentiality. Earlier, the head of Apple encouraged companies to self-regulate.

In the course of communication with a journalist Axios Michael Allen, cook said that despite his General aversion to government regulation of business, “we must recognize that the free market doesn’t work.” With regard to user privacy, cook added: “It didn’t work here.”

Apple’s CEO has warned that state regulation of privacy is inevitable:

I think that inevitably there will be some level of regulation. I think Congress and the administration [of President] at some point, something will.

Earlier, cook argued for self-regulation, especially in matters of confidentiality. During the scandal Facebook like Cambridge Analytica regarding data breaches, Apple’s CEO said that such social networks should not exist.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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