Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak in September, will arrive in Ukraine

Steve Wozniak, legendary in the IT community personality, co-founder of Apple and the first business partner of Steve jobs, will visit neighboring Ukraine. About it reports the local edition of AIN. The who will perform on September 30 in the “Palace of sports” in the forum Forum 1 Olerom.

First rumors about the visit to the country of Wozniak, who took a direct part in the creation of the first “Apple” products in the famous garage in California Palo Alto, was when this was written the head Cargofy Stach Wozniak, who met with Apple co-founder during his recent visit to San Francisco in April (they are not relatives, but just namesakes, though both originally from Bukovina).

Then Steve in the correspondence reported that, possibly, will visit Ukraine. At that time there were negotiations between Wozniak and the organizers of the Forum 1, and today the fact of the arrival of Wozniak in Ukraine was confirmed.

“I would love to met many Ukrainians. I feel a kinship with Ukraine because of its name. Of course, I’m open to other invitations if they will cover the same dates,” wrote co-founder of Apple.

Yet details about the program arrival Wozniak in Ukraine, in addition to dates and organizers, is little known. “Basically, the speakers arrive in Ukraine on two-day visit, and the program of stay of each of them is planned accordingly with the signed agreements. Everyone who first came to Ukraine, of course I want to see the country and sights, to get acquainted with the traditions and people”, — the organizers of the forum.

Steve Wozniak met Steve jobs in the early 1970s, in 1975 he created the prototype Apple I which began the history of Apple. Wozniak, like jobs, has become a millionaire after apparent today, this homely Apple II was released to the American market in 1977. Sam Wozniak left the company after a disaster to private business jet in 1981. The doctors built him literally in pieces, he experienced retrograde amnesia.

In 2013, Steve Wozniak visited Moscow for a few days to participate in the business forum “IT-leader”. During the trip he became the first in the capital of the private Museum of Apple technology.

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