Apple colored Beats headphones in rose gold

Headphones are an accessory, but the accessory needs to something to come. Time Beats now owned by Apple, their earphones needs to come to iPhone and Apple Watch . Previously, the company has painted the PowerBeats2 wireless headphones in the colors of the leather straps for Apple Watch Sport. Now is the time to add in our lives even more in rose gold. This color will sparkle model Solo 2 Wireless and urBeats.

This fall, Apple showed not only iPhone in rose gold, and Apple Watch Sport. The owners of these devices will surely enjoy the new version wireless headphones Beats Solo 2, which is already available on the Apple website for 23 990 rubles. It is worth noting that more affordable wired version headphones Solo 2 remained the same color.

urBeats is a more compact solution. These headphones can replace many packaged EarPods. It would be interesting to see them in the box with the iPhone 6s, but Apple took this step. Perhaps due to the fact that the urBeats are 7 990 rubles. They are also already available on the Apple website in a new color.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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