Apple creates the most profitable smartphones in the world

Apple owns 86% of the profits from sales of all smartphones. iPhone X brings in more money than all the other smartphone manufacturers combined, according to a study Counterpoint.

Despite the fact that in 2017 the income of manufacturers of smartphones fell by 1%, Apple was able to increase profits. Largely thanks to the iPhone X. This unit was generated in the fourth quarter of 35% of profit from sales of smartphones. With this iPhone X sold two months because he received the shelves in early November 2017.

According to the rating of Counterpoint 8 of the 10 most profitable smartphone manufactures Apple. The other two belong to Samsung is Galaxy Note 8 and S8 Plus. Although experts believe that Chinese manufacturers will soon be able to oust Samsung to Apple’s results they are still very far.

Due to the relevance of the old models, the new iPad two years ago, bring more money than the latest flagship Android-manufacturers. The most promising Chinese manufacturer Huawei is considered to be. In 2017, its profit increased by 59%.

Apple products are often more profitable than other companies ‘ developments. App Store, for example, brings developers more money than the Google Play store.

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