Apple design chief Jonathan Ive became rector of the Royal College of art in the UK

In 2015 sir Jonathan Ive was promoted to Director of design Apple and became the third man in the company. Today the top Manager was appointed honorary rector of the Royal College of art (Royal College of Art, RCA).

Head designer and one of the key people in Apple’s history will take office in July 2017 and will replace on a post of the rector of the British engineer sir James Dyson — inventor of a cylindrical vacuum and drying for hands. Ive will preside over meetings and help manage an educational institution.

Royal College of art, founded in 1837 in London. The school was recognized as the best in the world by the Institute of art and design in 2017, according to QS. The College has signed a contract with YWAM for 5 years. Employment of a top Manager Apple does not imply the existence of wages.

“I am very pleased to formalize its relationship with the Royal College of art, given its influence on many artists and designers that I admire,” said Jonathan Ive.

In 2005 The Sunday Times named Jonathan Ive one of the most influential Britons of today as the man who developed the iPod. In turn, The Daily Telegraph in 2008 called Ive the most influential Briton in the United States.

At home the merits of Jonathan Ive admitted not only journalists — in 2005, the designer became the commander of the British Empire, and in 2012-m — knight commander, which allowed him to add to his name the prefix “sir”.

Jonathan Ive is today one of the most influential designers in the world. As well as the third man in seniority in the leadership of the Apple, behind CEO Tim cook and CFO Luca Maestri.

Clifton Nichols

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