Apple develops unusual displays for future iPhone

Apple developing curved display and touchless control technology to the smartphone, according to Bloomberg.Apple develops unusual displays for future iPhone
According to Bloomberg sources familiar with Apple’s plans, the company’s engineers create the technology control your smartphone using gestures. The company want the iPhone to perform certain commands before the user is going to touch it. This technology is available from Samsung and Google, but they work on the basis of special sensors. Apple wants to design a special display that will track the position of your finger. According to sources, this technology will be further developed at least two years. It should be noted that not all experiments Apple reaches mass production.

Another source told Bloomberg that Apple is developing a curved OLED display. Unlike Samsung screens that are curved at the edges, the Apple display is curved inwards from top to bottom. According to the source, the project will take two to three years.

Bloomberg also confirmed the rumors about the iPhone lineup 2018. Apple is going to introduce three smartphones this year that will be externally similar to the iPhone X. the two devices will be equipped with OLED screen, and the third — IPS display.

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