Apple disclaims plastic in favor of paper

When a buyer purchases one of the products in the Apple retail store, Apple Store employees carefully Packed my purchase in a white plastic bag with logo. But recently, the Corporation attaches great importance to the care of the environment, and for this she is ready to change one of their traditions.

From 15 April Apple plans to abandon plastic bags in favour of paper, made with 80 % recycled content, according to 9to5Mac. As they say in Cupertino, it is necessary to “make the world a better place than he was to us.”

In addition, according to the instructions for the Apple employees retail stores, they should explain to buyers the importance of caring for the environment if the visitor decides to refuse a paper bag.

At its last presentation Apple gave at least 25 minutes the topic about the environment and recycling old devices — even talked about a special robot that is responsible for this trend. Obviously, the company wants to earn the “plus” button in the “environmental Care”, and while it is produced.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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