Apple dispelled the myth about the iPhone

Most users think that the iPhone can only afford those who purchase goods from the premium segment. Now this myth gradually fades into the background (though not in Russia), and contributed to this, Apple itself, which in September launched a program for the exchange of iPhone ā€” the Apple Upgrade Program.

Under this program, each buyer of the new iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus might get a smartphone in exchange for their own, if they sign a special contract for the payment of a monthly amount. After 12 payments he will receive the next-generation iPhone immediately after its release ā€” so that’s an investment in the future.

Payments through Apple’s Upgrade Program, available only in the US, not the highest: $ 32 per month for the iPhone 6s 16 GB or 36 dollars for the iPhone 6s Plus in a similar configuration.

According to analysts from Piper Jaffray, nearly 40% of new iPhone buyers in the U.S. benefited from this program. The number of participants is growing so rapidly that by next year more than half of the iPhone will be sold in a similar manner, experts believe.

Good suggestion ā€” just for two thousand rubles, you can take a new iPhone and not to overpay for the contract operator, and subsequently to receive the next-generation smartphone. How far do we want to believe in Apple’s success to agree to such conditions?

For the Apple program is also favorable. The company receives the best update cycle of devices on the market and is constantly increasing its user base.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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