Apple do not believe in the success of the iPhone XR

At that time, as most analysts and experts believe that iPhone XR with LCD display, one main camera and a price tag of $ 749 will sell, some sources of “supply chain” are skeptical.

According to the publisher Digitimes, some “Taiwanese suppliers who work closely with Apple still wary of purchasing new batches of the iPhone until the end of 2018.” This is caused by weak demand on the already released iPhone XS and XS Max, and forecasts poor sales XR.

The publication also said that TSMC revenues may fall since they are heavily dependent on the success of smartphones and tablets Apple, for which the company manufactures chips to the A12.

Largan Precision, another major Apple supplier, developing components of the camera lens, is also concerned about the current number of orders.

Of course, nobody can really know how will be sold the “budget” iPhone, but given the fact that the flagship iPhone XS and XS Max show weak results on the XR to expect a huge demand is not necessary.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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